Laravel Developer

Bangali Technologies
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Salary (Negotiable)
We are looking for a Laravel developer to create web applications in our company. In this role, you will design, create and customize projects using the Laravel Framework. Assist the team in providing high-quality web applications, accurate services and tools for our projects.

Terms and Condition
Order to run the skills of each employee for the first two one the company has to work on different projects and during this time each employee will be pay of a project base. In that case a commission base salary of twenty percent of the original price of a project will be pay. Later various benefits including skill based permanent salary will be given.
  • When coding in Laravel Framework, you must complete with clean code.
  • Use standard source code.
  • Adequate knowledge of bug fixes is required to review the code and perform well.
  • Design and implement web applications that use the Laravel Framework.
  • Identify any bugs found in the code and confirm the solution.
  • Ensure that all database input is parameterized.
  • Working properly on innovative technologies and processes.
  • Create server-side logic to manage front-end inputs.
  • Ensure proper security standards are applied.

  • 3 years of practical coding experience with Laravel Framework.
  • Must be completely proficient about Amazon S3.
  • Good idea about form validity.
  • Must be fully proficient in-XML
  • Proven experience with REST API integration.
  • For MySQL or SQL databases, you must have good experience in query language and good performance in database design.
  • Must have a basic idea about the JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap 5 etc.
  • Skills about Twilio SMS gateway.
  • Adequate knowledge of bug fixes is required to review the code and perform well.
  • Must have sufficient knowledge to customize any software of Laravel Framework.

If you are passionate about delivering innovative & delightful ideas, enrich products and experiences for technology, we'll be loved to hear from you. Please apply by submitting your resume, portfolio and cover letter. Tell us why you are interested in Bangali Technologies Limited and what you’d bring to this specific position and our team.